If users in your organization have trouble with the Genesys Cloud WebRTC phone, first have them check the following to help determine the issue:

  • Refer users to Troubleshoot the Genesys Cloud WebRTC phone for help and possible solutions.
  • Have a different user log in and test the phone using their computer.
  • Have the user log in on a different computer and test the phone.
  • Confirm that they do not have a local firewall enabled, such as the Windows firewall.

As a telephony administrator, you can also check the following settings:

  • Check that WebRTC specific ports are not blocked on the network that hosts the Genesys Cloud WebRTC phones. Port 443 (HTTPS: TCP and WebSocket) and UDP/16384-32768 (SRTP/TURN). For more information, see Ports and services for WebRTC.
  • Check that your firewall is not interfering with Genesys Cloud in general. For specific information about which connections to allow, see the appropriate WebRTC section of About ports and services for your firewall.

If you are using BYOC Premises 

If none of these options work, contact Genesys Cloud Customer Care for further assistance.