Transfer a chat

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CX agent workspace CX digital agent workspace

The following content applies to the CX agent workspace.

  1. From the Active Interactions list, select the chat that you want to transfer.
  2. Click the Transfer icon. Transfer icon
  3. Type the user or queue that you want to transfer the chat to.
  4. Select the user or queue from the suggestions displayed.  Transfer choose queue
  5. Click Transfer
    Note: Chats declined by the intended recipient reenter the queue. 
  6. Complete any after contact work.
The following content applies to the CX digital agent workspace.

You can transfer interactions to other agents or departments in your organization as well as receive transferred conversations.

To transfer an interaction to another team member, click Transfer at the bottom of the conversation panel.

Transfer a conversation

Select the receiving agent or department and click Transfer.

Transfer the conversation

Note: When you transfer an interaction to an agent, make sure their workload allows them to take an additional conversation. The number next to an agent's name represents their current tasks, excluding emails.

When you open the chat on your workspace, in the chat message header you can see the name of the person who transferred the chat to you.

Depending on transfer type, you can see the following messages:

  • Transferred from Agent - Another agent manually transferred the conversation to you.
  • Auto-transferred from Agent - The agent selected the Transfer automatically option when they transferred the conversation and the routing rules selected you as the most appropriate agent to take over the conversation.