Transcription action

Available in inbound and outbound call flows, the Transcription action allows you to enable the voice transcription feature for call flows. Use this action with the Genesys Cloud Performance > Interactions > Transcript feature to gain insight into the content of voice interactions, improve training and feedback for call center employees, and identify business problems. For more information, see About voice transcription.

  • To use voice transcription, enable recording on the trunk. For more information, see Edge group settings.
  • To use voice transcription for the queue, enable voice transcription for the organization. For more information, see Configure voice transcription.
  • This action is not available in in-queue flows.
  • Voice transcription in Architect is only available for supported languages.

To access the Transcription action, open a task, expand the Audio category, and drag a Transcription action into the editor. 

Action Description
Name field The label you enter here becomes the name of the transcription action in the task editor.
Flow Transcription

Choose to enable or disable flow transcription. If you set this Boolean expression as true, then Architect enables transcription. If you set it as false or NOT_SET, then flow transcription is disabled.

By default, flow transcription is enabled.