As your business adjusts to customers’ changing expectations, you need a technical advocate that can help to keep pace as you navigate the shift.

Your business demands top performance, but as your integrated systems grow more advanced and you adopt multiple solutions, your overall environment becomes more complex. The highly experienced Genesys Technical Account Manager (TAM) is your trusted technical advocate who works with you to manage critical stakeholder communications and identify risks. As your main Genesys contact, your TAM drives and streamlines conversations and ensures alignment among your technical departments, Genesys teams and other external partners. A Technical Account Manager has a solid understanding of both your business objectives, and the operations impact of your mission-critical services. Your Genesys Technical Account Manager is dedicated to making sure that your Genesys solution and services meet your evolving needs.

The TAM role

Your designated TAM works collaboratively with your technical and business teams. The TAM serves as a strategic resource to help you plan for success and optimize your technical investment in the Genesys cloud platform.

TAMs provide proactive guidance based on a solid understanding of your business operations and goals, and your unique technical environment. TAMs provide industry best practices and a wealth of knowledge for our current and future cloud solutions and services.

Your TAM also proactively monitors active and historical case trends to pass along insights and best practices. They’ll highlight opportunities to optimize your current deployments and recommend other products that would complement your existing solution.

How can a TAM help you?

The TAM function is ideal for companies that need extra technical assistance navigating the changes involved in adopting a customer experience (CX) technology platform. A TAM works with your Genesys Customer Success Manager (CSM) hand-in-hand to enable the strategy with a focus on the technical solutions and processes needed to realize your business outcomes.

  • Here’s how a TAM, as your trusted, technical, strategic advocate, can help you maximize your return on investment (ROI) in your Genesys solution and services:
  • Orchestrate your onboarding experience, with a focus on adoption and support.
  • Streamline engagements with Genesys technical delivery teams and product teams.
  • Anticipate the technical impact of changes through mitigation techniques and best practices accumulated from previous Genesys delivery experience.
  • Mitigate risk by identifying critical path items and ensuring remediation plans are executed.
    Maximize your ROI in Genesys products and services.
  • Orchestrate the technical value across Genesys’ offerings.
  • Advocate for and drive technical issues to resolution and provide updates.
  • Plan regular proactive operational reviews to discuss:
    • Training and operational opportunities
    • Best practices
    • Performance metrics
    • Critical issues/root cause analysis
    • Strategic planning for new deployments and roll-outs
  • Represent and advocate for your future needs during Genesys product lifecycle planning.
  • Collaborate with the Genesys System Team (or other groups within Genesys) to understand technical impacts and readiness to ensure the customer is successful with their Genesys solution.
  • Prepare Business performance reports on operational metrics and coordinate with customer technical leads to review progress.
  • Higher-scale and more-complex customers may require Tech Success Advanced.
  • For Partners, the Partner Tech Success package may be more applicable.