Your Genesys Cloud invoice includes all of the items on your Genesys Cloud subscription, including user licenses (both pre-paid and on-demand), device charges, resource charges, telco usage charges and applicable taxes.  

Here’s what to look for: 

Billing details 

  • Payable in: Customer’s currency for payment 
  • Payment Terms: Net 30″ indicates that full payment is expected within 30 days.  
  • Service Period: The dates of service for which usage is being billed.  
  • Description: Name of the product.  
  • Qty: Quantity of the product consumed during the service period. 
  • Rate: Per Unit Rate for the product 
  • Amount: Total amount for the line item  

Core services and fees

Core services and fees include your user licenses for Genesys Cloud CX 1, Genesys Cloud CX 2, Genesys Cloud CX 3, Communicate, and apps or add-ons to Genesys Cloud purchased via the AppFoundry .  

Genesys Cloud User vs. Genesys Cloud User – Prepay: 

Your invoice may contain both “User” and “User – Prepay” line items for products that have pre-paid and on-demand rates.  

  • Genesys Cloud User: Number of Genesys Cloud users to be paid in the billing cycle at the on-demand (non-prepay) rate 
  • Genesys Cloud User – Prepay: Number of Genesys Cloud users to be paid in the billing cycle at the pre-pay rate 

Resource charges 

Resource charge include SMS and other messaging charges (Genesys Cloud CX 3 and Genesys Cloud CX 2 customers). Resource charges also include any overage charges for features covered by the Genesys Cloud fair use policy.

For more information, see Messaging pricing and Genesys Cloud fair use policy.

AppFoundry third-party ISV Partner charges

AppFoundry third-party applications follow multiple licensing models. The applicable license model for the 3rd party ISV Partner SKU is described in the product description on AppFoundry. Genesys Cloud supports offerings where multiple parts are required or offered.

Premium Client Applications – Usage Type

There are two types of Usage Parts available for Premium Application AppFoundry Partners:

  • Site License: Quantity always equals one (1)
  • User License: Usage is based on a logged in user (Named/Concurrent/Hourly) to Genesys Cloud and presence of the Premium Applications unique permission (translates to a Genesys Cloud License).

Licenses are counted within Genesys Cloud based on usage. On-demand usage is charged monthly.

Premium Client Applications – Metered Type

There are two types of Metered Parts available for Premium Application AppFoundry Partners:

  • Metered Sum Usage: Ideal for unit types such as minutes, API hits, visits, interactions, storage gigs, etc.
  • Metered High Water Mark: Ideal for unit types without much fluctuation such as Wallboards

License count is managed by a third-party AppFoundry ISV Partner who submits a customers usage on a daily base through the AppFoundry billing API. On-demand usage is calculated by the Genesys billing engine and charged monthly.

Premium Client Applications – Mimic Type

There is one type of Mimic Part available for AppFoundry ISV Partners:

  • Usage is based on the base agent license (Named/Concurrent/Hourly) count of the entire Genesys Cloud organization.

On-demand usage is in sync with Genesys Cloud license count.

Device charges

Device charges include charges for physical edges, phones or other physical devices that may be included on your subscription.  

Telco usage charges 

Telco usage charges charges include Toll-Free Calling Service, Inbound and Outbound Calling Service, Call Surcharges and Number Setup Charges. Telco Usage Charges and bill reconciliation processes are described in detail here: Reconcile your Genesys Cloud Voice invoice against your usage report. 

Taxes and fees

Taxes and fees include federal, state, and local taxes and fees that apply to your Genesys Cloud charges.  

Finding Genesys Cloud usage information  

You can view your billing and usage summary inside of Genesys Cloud as described here: View your billing and usage summary.

The subscription area will show you the users, devices and resources that you are consuming including contracted (committed) and on-demand amounts.  


Committed users 

I committed to 20 users, and only used 10, why I am still being billed for 20?   

You will be billed for at least your committed user amount, regardless of actual usage. Any users over the committed amount are billed at an on-demand rate.  

Ramp billing 

I am in the ramp period, why does my invoice have 20 prepay on it?   

On your last invoice during the ramp period, you will start being invoiced for your prepay users.  

Resource on-demand

I had 3671 GB of on-demand storage. Where do I find my usage? 

Go to Admin > Subscription > Resources Report 

License usage 

I had 25 Genesys Cloud CX 2 Users and 10 Genesys Cloud CX 2 User-Prepay. Where do I findmy usage? 

Go to Admin > Subscription > Usage Report