A subset of error codes specific to station errors.

Station Error Description
Do Not Disturb The station connection attempt received a DND (do-not-disturb) status from the line appearance.
No Contact Address The station identified by the name to be contacted does not have a reachable registered contact address.
Station Not Found The station connection attempt failed because the specified AoR for the station was not registered with the system.
Station Not Reached A station sent a failure response while a call session was trying to connect to the station.
ICE Negotiation Failed The station connection attempt failed because the initial WebRTC ICE negotiation failed.
Dial Attempt Timeout The dial attempt failed to connect during a dial timeout period.
Endpoint ICE Negotiation Failed A WebRTC media endpoint failed the initial ICE negotiation.
WebRTC Remote Disconnect A WebRTC media endpoint detected a remote disconnect.
Media helper Required WebRTC Media Helper is required, but was not connected.