Use this action to preset this intent so that the Ask for Intent action does not stop and ask the end user, but instead begins to execute the actions that you configure below the path that corresponds to the intent.

For example, if, at runtime, the bot flow looks up the customer’s account using the incoming phone number, and determines that the customer recently placed an order on the organization’s website. Instead of asking the user, “How can I help you?,” the bot says, “I see you recently placed an order. Do you want to make a change?”. If the user replies affirmatively, the flow author can use this action to preset the intent to “ChangeOrder” and, when the user reaches the main Ask for Intent action, the flow moves directly to the configured actions in the ChangeOrder path.

Name Description
Name field Type a distinctive name for the action. The label you enter here becomes the action’s name displayed in the flow structure.
Intent Select the appropriate intent. The built-in choices include Check Account Balance and Find a Branch.