Use this action to retrieve and send a selected portion of the voicemail. If the retrieval is successful, then the voicemail snippet becomes part of the Voicemail.Voicemail.Snippet. This action does not have any configurable settings; however, you can change the default name.

Element Description
Name Change the name of the action, or leave the default Submit Voicemail Snippet name.
Voice Snippet

Select the voice snippet that you want to submit at runtime. If the value is NOT_SET, then the flow takes the failure path at runtime.


 The destination where you want the voice snippet to go.

Allowable value:

  • Voice Snippet Service

Configure success and failure paths

Name Description
Intent output path or paths

Configure a matching output for the intent. This path indicates that the action successfully communicated with its external endpoint and received a result.

Drag the appropriate action below the intent path that follows the route you want the interaction to take. 

Failure output path

This path indicates that an error occurred while running the action or there was a problem processing the results.  

Note: If the network experiences connectivity issues, the action automatically takes this failure path.

Drag the appropriate action below the Failure path that directs the route you want the interaction to take.