Search through a chat room’s history to find a previous chat message.

  1. Click Find previous chats for this room .
  2. Type the subject that you are looking for in the Search chats field. 
    • To open the chat room’s search, you can also use the /search chat command. Type /search and the search term in the chat window and press Enter. For more information about using chat commands, see the “Use chat commands” section in Send a chat message.
    • To include all words that begin with a certain keyword, type an asterisk after the word. For example, if you type test*, chat search finds test, tests, and testing.
    • To view and navigate to recent chat rooms and messages quickly, use chat quick access and its keyboard shortcuts. For more information, see Use chat quick access.
  3. To see the messages sent before and after the result, select one of the search results.
  4. From the Chat History window, use the quotation mark symbol (“) next to a chat message to reply directly to the person that sent the message or reply to the room.

  • When you try to join a group chat room that is full, you can only browse the group chat's history. You cannot join the chat, post messages, or search chat history until other users leave the chat room. For more information, see What does it mean if the group chat room is full? 
  • Chat conversations are permanent, and you cannot manually delete them.