Salesforce field mappings

The Salesforce External Contact Sync integration syncs contacts, associations, notes, and relationships. The following sections summarize how external contacts fields map to fields in Salesforce.

Salesforce Account fields

Salesforce accounts equate to PureCloud external organizations.

Salesforce field label Salesforce field name External contacts fields

Billing Street

BillingStreet Address
Billing City BillingCity City
Billing State BillingState Region
Billing Postal Code BillingPostalCode Postal code
Billing Country BillingCountry Country
Fax Fax Fax
Account Name Name Organization name
Phone Phone Phone
Type Type Organization type
Website Website Websites[]

Contact fields

Salesforce contacts equate to PureCloud external contacts.

Salesforce label Salesforce field External contact fields
Email Email Email: work
First Name FirstName First
Home Phone HomePhone Phone: home
Last Name LastName Last
Mailing Street MailingStreet Address
Mailing City MailingCity City
Mailing State MailingState Region
Mailing Postal Code MailingPostalCode Postal code
Mailing Country MailingCountry Country
Mobile MobilePhone Phone: Cell
Other Phone OtherPhone Phone: Other
Phone Phone Phone: Work
Title Title Title