Record ACD agent consult calls

  • Telephony > plugin > all permission

Oftentimes an agent needs to consult with another agent or specialist during a conversation with a customer. You can enable Consult Line Recording so that when evaluators and supervisors review customer calls, they can hear all parts of the conversation, including the consult transfer

If an agent needs to consult with another agent or specialist, they can place the customer on hold. Genesys Cloud plays hold music for the customer and starts a new recording for the consult conversation.

Genesys Cloud also records if all three parties are on a call together.

Note: The consult recording does not have a transcript.

To enable Consult Line Recording:

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Telephony, click Trunks.
  3. Click the External Trunks tab.
  4. From the list, select the trunk you want to configure.
  5. Under External Trunk Configuration, click Media.
  6. Under Recording, enable Record calls on this trunk and Consults.
  7. Finish choosing settings for recording.
  8. Click Save External Trunk.