PureCloud user hour pricing

PureCloud now offers a convenient hourly billing model for the PureCloud 1, 2, and 3 tiers.

Note: Existing customers must wait until the end of their current term to renew to an hourly billing plan.

All feature functionality remains the same as the PureCloud 1, 2, or 3 named and concurrent offers, but now you can choose contracts where you are billed at an hourly rate for the total duration of time users are logged in to PureCloud.

For example, in a two-user org, if User 1 is on the system for 112.23 hours during the billing cycle, and User 2 is on the system for 110.11 hours during the billing cycle, that equals 222.34 user hours (112.23 + 110.11 = 222.34). At the end of the billing cycle, this value is rounded up to the nearest whole hour and the bill would be for 223 hours at the contracted rate.

Fair use allocated resources allowance included with subscription

PureCloud hourly plans include an allocation of Basic IVR, Data Storage and API Requests for each billable Hour with the allocated minutes shown below:


IVR Allocation (minutes)

Data Storage Allocation (GB)

API Requests

PureCloud 1 Hourly

15.77   0.1577 GB 676

PureCloud 2 Hourly

22.52 0.2252 GB 991

PureCloud 3 Hourly

29.28 0.2928 GB 1261