Before the system sends a message for a digital campaign, pre-contact rule conditions are evaluated to determine whether to carry out an action, such as preventing the message from being sent, marking a contact address as not contactable, marking a contact as not contactable, or updating the value of a contact column.


When Test to see if Comparator Value Perform action if condition Action

Before the message is sent

contact address, contact address type, contact column, last attempt by column, last attempt overall, last result by column, or last result overall

begins with, contains, ends with, is, or equals

my value

is met (Invert Condition = No)


is not met (Invert Condition = Yes)

An inverted condition performs an action when the condition is not met.

Do not send, Mark contact address uncontactable, Mark contact uncontactable, or Update contact column

Set Rule Category to Pre-Contact

Set rule condition to one of the above

Select a comparison operator

Type or select a value

(Optional) Use switch to invert the condition.

figure shows switch used to invert a condition

Select an action type


  • If a pre-contact rule evaluation fails (for example if it times out waiting for the rules service), then the system does not send the message. This behavior ensures that the system only sends messages that it should.