In order to take advantage of Polycom’s Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) feature, the phone must meet all the ZTP requirements. For more information, see Provision phones for Genesys Cloud Voice or Provision phones for BYOC Cloud.

The phone must:

  • Be a Polycom branded device that is supported by Genesys Cloud.
  • Be running UC Software version 4.0.8 or greater.
  • Support Polycom’s ZTP service.
  • Have the ZTP feature enabled. (The ZTP feature is enabled by default on new Polycom phones.)
  • Have a Polycom provided factory integrated certificate.

For more information, see the Polycom Zero Touch Provisioning Solution FAQ.

The phone must NOT be configured:

  • To receive a DHCP phone provisioning response (Option 160, 66, or 67).
  • To access a static provision server.

If the phone is configured with either of the above settings or was used with a previous system, it may be best to reset the phone to factory defaults. For more information, see the Reset to factory defaults section in the appropriate article for your phone:

– Manually configure the provisioning information for the Polycom SoundPoint IP phone

– Manually configure the provisioning information for the Polycom VVX phone

The phone must be defined in Genesys Cloud with:

  • A Polycom phone base setting.
  • A valid hardware ID (the phone’s MAC address).

How ZTP works in Genesys Cloud

When you create a Polycom/Poly phone in Genesys Cloud, the system transmits a record of that phone to the ZTP service. ZTP stores this configuration record and provides it to the phone when it is provisioned. After this initial contact ZTP redirects the phone to Genesys Cloud. From that point on, the phone communicates with Genesys Cloud and no longer connects to ZTP.


Confirm the ZTP feature is enabled

(The ZTP feature is enabled by default on new Polycom phones.)

On the physical phone:

  1. Press the Menu button.
  2. Press the right arrow five times for Settings.
  3. Press 2 for Advanced.
  4. Enter the Admin password and press the Enter soft key.
    • (default = 456, or default = 1234 if previously provisioned in Genesys Cloud).
  5. Press 1 for Admin Settings.
  6. Press 1 for Network Configuration.
  7. Select Provisioning Server.
  8. Scroll down to ZTP.
  9. Ensure the setting is Enabled.