In preview dialing mode, the system presents information about a contact to you before it dials the number. After reviewing information about a contact, you can dial the contact’s number, or skip to the next contact. Once connected, handle the interaction in accordance with the script.

To place an outbound preview call:

  1. From the Status list, select On Queue. When you receive a routed preview screen pop, the script displays information about a contact.

  2. After previewing the information displayed, click Begin Call. The system dials the contact’s telephone number for you. The status of the calling attempt changes from Contacting to Interacting. When the remote party answers, status changes to Connected.

    Figure shows a previewed contact that the agent is about to dial.

  3. Handle the interaction as prompted by the script. Optionally, add notes about the call.

  4. When the call ends, select Select Wrap-Up Code.

    Figure shows button pressed when an agent wants to assign a wrap-up code to the interaction.

    Note: If the After Call Work option does not appear, click the Notes icon. Figure shows toggle button that displays or hides after-call-work options.

  5. Select the wrap-up code that best identifies the call outcome.

    Figure shows selection of a wrap-up code.

  6. To resume on-queue status and wait for the next outbound preview call, click Done.

    Figure shown button that an agent presses to wait or the next interaction.

  7. To end the outbound preview call, click End Preview.