mTLS support for data actions

Note: This article applies to the web services data actions integration.

You can increase the security between the data actions service and your web service with mutual TLS (mTLS). With mTLS, the two services provide one another with trusted certificates. 

Configure your service to ask the data actions service for a mTLS certificate and to trust certificates from the private certificate authority (CA) for your PureCloud region. Each certificate includes a certification revocation list (CRL).  

The following table lists the regional domain names of the client certificates and the CRL locations for each PureCloud region. Make sure to trust the certificate associated with your region. 

PureCloud region Regional domain names CRL locations Certificate (.zip)
Americas (Canada) CA-Central-1
Americas (US East) US-East-1
Americas (US West) US-West-2
Asia Pacific (Seoul) APNE-2
Asia Pacific (Sydney) APSE-2
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) APNE-1
EMEA (Dublin) EU-West-1
EMEA (Frankfurt) EU-Central-1
EMEA (London) EU-West-2

For more information about the integration, see About the web services data actions integration.