Mounting the Edge Mini/Micro on a rack-mountable shelf

Genesys no longer sells the Genesys Cloud Edge Micro or Mini v1. However, we still provide support for these appliances.

To add Edge Mini/Micro devices to your server racks, you can purchase a customized rack-mountable shelf from our hardware partner Arrow Electronics.

This shelf is designed for the Edge Mini/Micro devices and can accommodate up to two devices on a single self. The shelf has mounting height of 2RU and the overall dimensions are 482.7 mm x 406.4 mm x 88.0 mm (WxDxH). 

Figure shows optional shelf that can be used to mount the appliance in a rack


If you already have a similar shelf, you may be able to use it to mount Edge Mini/Micro devices. Use the following diagram of the Edge Mini/Micro chassis to check the size and alignment of the mounting bolt holes.