Key Agent Assist Google CCAI concepts

This documentation is for Agent Assist Google CCAI. This feature is limited to North America region. For Genesys Agent Assist, which is available worldwide, please refer to the Genesys Agent Assist documentation.

Agent Assist Google CCAI provides the real-time transcription of a customer call and knowledge suggestions that get updated automatically based on the context of the conversation. Knowledge suggestions include FAQ or knowledge article recommendations making agents more efficient and knowledgeable. Agents no longer search for information by themselves and can focus on their discussions with customers.  This feature makes them more productive and improves the overall customer experience.

To stream this content to the agents, Agent Assist Google CCAI interfaces with Google Cloud using conversation profiles defined in the Google Cloud Agent Assist Google CCAI console. Your knowledgeable content is stored and indexed in Google Cloud Storage.

To help familiarize yourself with Agent Assist Google CCAI features, review the following pages: