Genesys Cloud EOL position statement on third-party managed phones

Genesys Cloud supports many third-party managed phones. For more information, see Managed phones: models and features matrix. However, some of these third-party managed phones have reached or are soon to reach End Of Life (EOL) status according to the manufacturer’s End Of Life Policy. After a third-party managed phone reaches EOL status, the manufacturer no longer provides firmware updates for that model.

Genesys Cloud will continue to work with the third-party managed phones on the EOL list. However, Genesys cannot guarantee that third-party managed phones running on older firmware can take advantage of all the new features found in Genesys Cloud. For that reason, Genesys recommends that organizations currently using any of the third-party managed phones on the EOL list consider upgrading to newer, fully supported phones.

If physical phones are not a requirement for your organization, Genesys recommends the Genesys Cloud WebRTC phone. The Genesys Cloud WebRTC phone runs right from your browser. There is no additional software to download or install. Just enable the Genesys Cloud WebRTC phone, connect a standard USB headset, and you can immediately use it to make and receive calls. For more information, see About WebRTC.

Poly / Polycom phones

The following Poly / Polycom phones are listed as End of Sale (EOL) and End of Life (EOL).

For more information, contact your Poly / Polycom phone vendor or see the Poly EOL Policy.

  • VVX 300
  • VVX 310
  • VVX 400
  • VVX 410
  • VVX 500
  • VVX 600

  • SoundPoint IP 301
  • SoundPoint IP 320
  • SoundPoint IP 321
  • SoundPoint IP 330
  • SoundPoint IP 331
  • SoundPoint IP 335
  • SoundPoint IP 430
  • SoundPoint IP 450
  • SoundPoint IP 501
  • SoundPoint IP 550
  • SoundPoint IP 560
  • SoundPoint IP 600
  • SoundPoint IP 601
  • SoundPoint IP 650
  • SoundPoint IP 670

  • SoundPoint IP 4000
  • SoundPoint IP 7000

  • Trio 8500


The following AudioCodes phones are listed as End of Sale (EOL) and End of Life (EOL).

For more information, contact your AudioCodes phone vendor or see the AudioCodes EOL Policy.

  • 420 HD
  • 430 HD
  • 440 HD