Genesys Cloud EEA-only support

Customers in highly regulated industries (such as healthcare, finance and government) sometimes require service vendors to comply with specific data provisions. The Genesys Cloud EEA-only support offer is intended for those customers and it ensures that all product support tickets will be assigned to EEA-based analysts. In addition, data processed and generated by Genesys Cloud will be stored and retained in the EEA.

Provisions of Genesys Cloud EEA-only support include:

  • Severity level 1 (Critical) issue support is available 24 hours a day in the EEA-only.
  • Severity level 2-4 (High, Medium, Low) issue support is available from 9:00 to 18:00 CET Monday through Friday in the EEA only. After 18:00 CET, you can submit non-emergency issues through the MySupport portal to be addressed the next business day.
  • EEA-based customer data in Genesys Cloud is stored only in the EEA.
  • Genesys information security personnel and other Genesys technical personnel who are located outside of the EEA may access Customer Data that resides within the EEA in order to perform essential troubleshooting and code-level analysis, as needed. This includes data uploaded by a customer to a Genesys FTP site.
  • If an EEA-only call gets routed to non-eligible support personnel, the Genesys support system is equipped with a button to “Send to EEA Analyst” to expedite the transfer to the correct personnel.
  • The Genesys Cloud EEA-only support service has additional costs and minimum commitments along with special terms and notes in the sales order. Contact your Genesys partner or sales representative for details.

Special Terms

Customer hereby purchases a EEA-only Support plan for the support of the Cloud Services described in this Services Order. Such plan is provided pursuant to the additional fees for EEA-only Support described in this Services Order.

Subject to the exclusions described in this Section, Genesys will provide support for all Critical Severity 1 issues 24 hours a day in the EEA only unless otherwise authorized by Customer, and storage of Customer Personal Data by Genesys pursuant to this Services Order will occur only in the EEA. Support for all non-Critical Severity issues (Severity 2-4) will be performed from 9:00 to 18:00 CET (Monday-Friday) in the EEA only.

The Severity levels referenced herein are defined in Genesys’ standard Service Level Agreement, incorporated into the Genesys Cloud Terms and Conditions by reference. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Customer consents to the access of Customer Data outside of the EEA under the following circumstances:

  1. Customer’s account information (examples: Customer contact name and email address) in Genesys’ customer relationship systems may be accessible by Genesys personnel outside of the EEA.
  2. Genesys’ information security personnel located outside of the EEA may access Customer Data as necessary to troubleshoot security-related issues, including Security Incidents.
  3. Any Customer Data uploaded by Customer to Genesys’ FTP site may be accessed by Genesys personnel outside of the EEA.
  4. If Genesys Cloud experiences an issue that requires expertise of specific Genesys technical personnel who are located outside of the EU (example: code-level software bug), such Genesys personnel may access Customer Data solely to troubleshoot the specific issue.
  5. For those customers purchasing custom software development/expert applications and the Custom Application Support (CAS) Program, CAS is governed separately by the CAS support contract and is out-of-scope for this offer.