In early 2021, Genesys exited the hardware resale business and no longer sold the BYOC Premises edge devices. Genesys entered a partnership with Arrow Electronics to create the Genesys Hardware Solution program, through which customers and partners can purchase BYOC Premises edge devices built on the HPE and AdvanTech platforms. 

At the same time, Genesys created the Customer Hardware Solution program, where customers can work with their preferred hardware vendor to acquire the HPE hardware components in our bill of materials and build either a large or a small edge device. 

The Customer Hardware Solution has become the preferred means of acquiring hardware and is the primary solution that Genesys offers. After Arrow depletes the inventory of prebuilt edge devices, Genesys will deprecate the Genesys Hardware Solution program and offer only the Customer Hardware Solution for edge devices.

Note: Genesys will honor the warranties on all edge appliances manufactured by Arrow.

Customers can use the Customer Hardware Solution Bill of Materials to order the necessary hardware from any hardware vendor, including Arrow, and assemble their own edge devices. After assembly, customers can download and install the Genesys software to set up a Customer Hardware Solution edge. For more information about hardware ordering options from Arrow, see the Genesys AppFoundry.

For more information, see About BYOC Premises – Customer Hardware Solution.