Format canned responses

Note: You cannot format SMS campaign template messages
When you create canned responses, you can include formatting, such as bulleted lists or custom hyperlinks to improve readability.

Use the text formatting toolbar to format your text. Formatted text displays in the text editing field. 

To format text, either select a formatting button and type your message, or type your message first, highlight the text you want to format, and select a formatting button. 

  • Canned responses allows you to paste simple HTML-formatted text.  
  • Use the text formatting toolbar to remove or add formatting to the pasted text.
  • To use HTML code in your canned responses, use the API.
Formatting Button Example Text
Bold Here is some bold text.
Italic Here is italic text
Underline U Here is some underlined text.

Here is some strikethrough text.
Font color Change the font color.

Highlight the text
Align left

This text is left aligned.

Align center This text is centered.
Align right

This text is right aligned.

Justify This text is justified. The text aligns on both the left and right by adding extra space between words and letters.
Bulleted list

  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • Option 3
Numbered list

  1. First do this. 
  2. Now do this.
  3. Then do this.
Decrease indent

Decreases the indentation.
Increase indent

Increases the indentation

Check out the Resource Center.

Quoted text example
Clear format

Remove format. Return to plain text. 


Considerations for when agents use canned responses

When an agent uses a canned response, the type of interaction affects the supported formatting.

Interaction type Supported formatting
Calls HTML
Emails HTML 

Plain text or Markdown

For more information, see Format text in chats.

Messaging (for example, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and others)

Plain text, including URLs

Note: The maximum size for tweets is 140 characters.

  • If an agent sends the response via an interaction type that does not support that formatting that you used, Genesys Cloud automatically removes it. So, the agent can still use the canned response, but without the formatting.
  • Depending on the type of interaction, agents can add formatting to canned responses before they send them.