Use the Flush Audio to flush any queued audio within a call flow. In Architect, the Play Audio action does not immediately play the audio file or text-to-speech (TTS). Instead, Architect queues the audio for later playback, and the flow execution continues. This behavior also occurs for other actions that include an audio input; for example, pre-transfer audio in a transfer action.

These operations and actions trigger an audio flush:

  • Menus
  • Flush Audio actions
  • Collect Input actions
  • Call Data and Call Secure Data actions
  • Call Bot Flow actions and all third-party bot actions; for example Dialogflow, Lex, Nuance
  • Detect Silence and Play Audio On Silence actions
  • Hold Music action
  • All Transfer actions
  • Disconnect and Return to Agent actions
  • Entering the first new Task or Menu that follows a Set Language action

For more information, see Task and state editor actions.

The Flush Audio action is available from the Play menu in the Architect task editor.

Name Description

 Enter an easily identifiable name for the action, or leave the default name. This name becomes the title of the action in the task editor.