Enable Participant Recording action

Use this action to provide callers the option of allowing Genesys Cloud to record the inbound call. Genesys Cloud does not begin recording prior to the caller’s consent. Running this action in a flow that has already enabled participant recording does not invoke error handling. 

When designing your flow, consider that this action only enables participant recording. Architect does not include an action to disable participant recording, so you cannot turn the feature off later. Enable Participant Recording action does not include input or output data and is not a terminating action. This action does not record the participant–it only enables the ability to process recording rules you set elsewhere in your organization. After the caller agrees to recording, configure the flow to transfer the call to a queue in which recording is enabled.

  • Before you use this action, ensure that the trunk hosting the calls is configured to allow line recording and to obtain customer consent prior to recording. For more information, see Enable recording.
  • Make sure that you configure the flow to ask the caller for consent; for example, using a Collect Input action or Call Lex Bot action, or querying a database with prior records of caller consent.
  • Before executing the Enable Participant Action, the system flushes any queued audio. This behavior occurs at runtime as soon as the flow encounters the action, and before the recording begins. For more information, see Audio buffer and flush in Architect flows.
Name Description
Name field  Type a distinctive name for the Enable Participant Recording action. The label you enter here becomes the action’s name displayed in the task sequence.