Genesys Cloud offers a way to note calls with quality issues:

  • Deteriorated audio
  • Unexpected disconnects
  • Incomplete connections
  • Failed transfers
  • Others

To flag a call with degraded quality, click and select Voice Quality Issue.The active call panel showing the Voice Quality Issue flag

In the Interactions view, Genesys Cloud marks the call as problematic, making diagnostic information available to Genesys Cloud engineers.

Note: To see which calls someone has flagged, Genesys Cloud supervisors must add the Flagged column in the Interactions view.

Alternatively, you can flag a problematic call in your call history. Locate the call in the list, click More , and select Voice Quality Issue. This option is available up to 45 minutes after the call ends.

To remove the flag, click Voice Quality Issue a second time.

Note: For more information about how to report voice quality issues in voice interactions, see Flag a problematic voice interaction.