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A schedule stipulates when a flow runs and is based on the date, time, or event. You can define schedules to handle recurring events, holidays, or special situations; for example, your regular business hours or afterhours support. For more information about schedule creation in Genesys Cloud, see Schedules.

Available for all flow types, use the Evaluate Schedule Group action with the Evaluate Schedule action to make routing decisions based on previously defined schedules and schedule groups. 

Name Description
Name field Use the default evaluate schedule name, or type a different name for the action. The label you enter here becomes the action’s name displayed in the task sequence.
Evaluation Type Select Schedule or Emergency Group.
Select a schedule or select an emergency group Depending on the selected evaluation type, from the list choose the schedule or emergency group to evaluate.

(Schedule evaluation type only)

Schedule Evaluation Settings 

DateTime (UTC)

  • To use the current DateTime (UTC), leave the default set to Current.
  • To use a different DateTime (UTC):
    1. Click Specific.
    2. Enter the evaluation expression.

Time Zone

  • Optionally change the default time zone.

Note: If NOT_SET passes to either field, the action fails at runtime and Architect initiates flow-level error handling.

Define active and inactive paths

Name Description
Active Choose the action that follows if the flow occurs during the hours defined in the schedule; typically, the Evaluate Schedule Group action.
Inactive Choose the action that follows if the flow does not occur during the hours defined in the schedule; typically, the Send Auto Reply action.

To view an example of how to create an email flow based on the organizations operating hours, see Create an email flow for open and closed schedules.