Announced on Effective date
2021-05-19 2021-07-28

Genesys is ending support for the following customer traits:

  • displayName
  • gender
  • birthDate
  • companyName
  • dunsNumber
  • industry
  • numberOfEmployees
  • facebookId
  • messengerId
  • twitterId
  • telegramId

What does this mean?

Starting on July 28, 2021, the Journey JavaScript SDK will no longer collect these customer traits for use in Live Now or for segment, outcome, or action map configuration.

Am I affected?

If you configured the Journey JavaScript SDK to gather one or more of these customer traits, this deprecation affects you.

How can I prepare for this deprecation?

These traits will no longer appear in Live Now.

To continue using these traits in segments, outcomes, and action maps, use the AC(record) method to generate custom web events manually. For more information, see record.

What if I need help or have questions?

Contact My Support.