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2021-06-30 2021-08-11

Starting on August 11, 2021, users can no longer access the Journey Reporting Service endpoints. Users of these endpoints must migrate to the Analytics API endpoint:

  • POST /journey/reports/aggregates/query => POST /analytics/journeys/aggregates/query
  • POST /journey/reports/aggregates/frequent => POST /analytics/journeys/aggregates/query

Am I affected?

If you are a Genesys Predictive Engagement customer and you are not using the Analytics API endpoint currently, this change affects you.

How can I prepare for this deprecation?

Note: If you are using the Analytics API endpoint already, ensure that the /journey/reports/aggregates/query and /journey/reports/aggregates/frequent endpoints are not in use.

The following changes are behind a feature toggle on the Predictive Engagement frontend to allow for testing and safe deployment:

  • There is no zero-padding; you need to implement it.
  • The JSON query and response structure is different when querying for frequent values. It is now the same as querying for a regular count, and the frequent values need parsed out from the “group” in the returned JSON response. For example, “group” : { “journeyDeviceType”: “Apple”  }.

Migrate from POST /journey/reports/aggregates/query to POST /analytics/journeys/aggregates/query

The POST /journey/reports/aggregates/query endpoint queried the Analytics API and zero-padded any missing data that was returned. When migrating to the Analytics API endpoint, you need to implement this zero padding functionality.

Migrate from POST /journey/reports/aggregates/frequent to POST /analytics/journeys/aggregates/query

The POST /journey/reports/aggregates/frequent endpoint queried for a cached list of frequent values and used this list as dimensions for which to query Analytics API. With the POST /analytics/journeys/aggregates/query endpoint, you can query Analytics API directly with a groupBy of the same value used to query the frequent value endpoint. This query returns a sorted list of each dimension and its count.


The POST /analytics/journeys/aggregates/query endpoint requires the analytics:journeyAggregate:view permission. The predictiveEngagement product has this permission already. For users who have the journey-report-view permission but not the predictiveEngagement product, add the analytics:journeyAggregate:view permission to their user account.

What if I need help or have questions?

Please reach out to your local Genesys representative.

Contact My Support.