You cannot delete a call flow if it is:

  • Locked by another user
  • Associated with an IVR configuration
  • Consumed by another resource (for example, another flow)
  • An in-queue flow consumed by a queue for in-queue handling

If the flow or flows you attempt to delete are consumed by other resources (for example, if a flow is the designated Transfer to Flow action in another flow), the flow or flows will not be deleted and the Deletion failed dialog box opens. The Deletion failed dialog box includes the list of flows that were unable to be deleted, as well as the consumers of the flow or flows.

Architects prevents deletion if the item is a flow used by another resource. You cannot delete an item if it is a resource dependency for another item. For example, let’s assume Flow A includes a transfer to Flow B.

After you resolve any dependency conflicts (in the example above, remove the Transfer to Flow B action from Flow A), you can delete the flow or flows.