BYOC Premises Edges automatically update to the latest software on a regular schedule. The default window for these automatic updates is every day between 2:00 AM and 5:00 AM. You can also customize the automatic update schedule and choose either a daily or weekly time frame.

If you have multiple premises Edges, Genesys Cloud is configured by default to only allow one Edge per site at a time to be automatically updated.

When an automatic update initiates, the Edge immediately launches a call draining process, which is designed to ensure that all existing active calls on the Edge are allowed to complete normally before the software update begins. During the call draining process, no new calls are allowed on the Edge. (Other Edges in the group continue to accept new calls.)

Note: Edges in the Out-Of-Service state still receive automatic software updates. Automatic Edge software updates require that the Edge is online.

For more information, see Call draining process.