Announced on Effective date
2022-11-02 2023-02-01

On February 1, 2023, Genesys will remove the following legacy endpoints. In April 2022, Genesys introduced unified endpoints for key configuration of different encryption types as part of the release of the “Bring your own keys” for recording encryption featureThe new unified endpoints replace the legacy settings for local key management in the recording APIs.

Deprecated endpoints New endpoints
GET /api/v2/recording/localkeys/settings GET /api/v2/recording/keyconfigurations
POST /api/v2/recording/localkeys/settings POST /api/v2/recording/keyconfigurations
GET /api/v2/recording/localkeys/settings/{settingsId}

GET /api/v2/recording/keyconfigurations/{keyConfigurationId}

PUT /api/v2/recording/localkeys/settings/{settingsId}

PUT /api/v2/recording/keyconfigurations/{keyConfigurationId}


What does this mean?

Between the announcement date and the endpoint change, Genesys will no longer address bugs or minor issues specific to the current endpoints.

Genesys will continue to resolve any major breakage until the end-of-life date.

Am I affected?

This change only affects organizations that use local key management for recording keys. By default, organizations use Genesys Cloud managed keys for recordings and do not use local key management.

Organizations that use local key management are impacted only if they have to update local key management settings. The deprecated endpoints do not impact any encryption or decryption flow of recordings.

What do I need to do before the removal date?

If your organization uses local key management and you need to update your local key management settings, review step 4 of the Local Key Encryption Service registration in Local Key Manager GitHub. This documentation includes how to use the new key management UI or the new API endpoint to make configuration updates instead of using the deprecating endpoints.

Who should I contact if I need help or have additional questions?

Contact My Support.