Add input and output variables to common module flows

In common module flows, you can define input and output variables from the Data menu in addition to relevant actions in the toolbox. These input and output variables are then available in the Call Common Module action.

  1. Create a common module flow or open an existing one.
  2. Under Resources, click Data.
  3. Under Add Variable, select the variable data type that you want to add.
  4. In the Enter variable name box, type a meaningful name.
  5. Click Create. The variable appears in the list, preceded by “Common.”
  6. Click the variable name. The Edit Variable dialog box opens. Here, you can define whether to use the variable as Input or Output. The variable accessibility is set for Entire Common Module.
Note: If you create a variable in the task editor; for example, in an Update Data action, when you edit the variable you can choose to make the variable accessible to the entire common module, or to the current task only.