Add an Emergency Group variable

  • Telephony > Plugin > All permission

An emergency group that you associate with a call flow quickly and efficiently modifies call routing behavior during unplanned or semi-planned critical events, such as fire, natural disasters, and power outages. For more information, see Emergencies.

    • Search behavior is not case-sensitive.
    • The emergency group string name must be a minimum of one character and maximum of 256 characters.
    • The dynamic lookup limit for a unique type is 25.
    • Each lookup is unique, so multiple lookups for the same object in the flow only count as 1.
    • The total lookup limit per flow is 100.
    • If the supplied emergency group value is NOT_SET, then the flow takes the not found path.

    Add an emergency group variable to a task sequence

    In a task sequence, you can add an emergency group variable to an Update Data action

    Note: The emergency group must be defined in Genesys Cloud by the administrator.
    1. From the Toolbox, expand the Data category and drag an Update Data action to the desired location in the task.
    2. In the Update Data workspace, add a meaningful name to describe the item.
    3. Click next to Update Statements and select  Emergency Group.
    4. In the Variable Name field, type the label to identify the variable on tasks.
    5. In the Value To Assign field, perform one of these steps:
      • To set the value from literal mode, click the list and select the desired emergency group.
      • To set the value using an expression, click the Expression modes button , select Expression, and do one of the following:
        • Add the expression inline.
        • Click to open the large expression editor and build your expression.
    6. (Optional) To add another Emergency Group variable, click next to Update Statements.