Series: About language support in Genesys Cloud and Architect

In Architect, runtime describes the action of a flow being executed in real time. Runtime data playback describes the functionality Architect provides flow authors to play data back to callers and how configured language behavior for the flow is experienced by the user in real time.

Architect uses runtime data playback to replay numeric values, date and times, Boolean, duration, and strings using different options. For example, you can design an audio sequence to play back only the day, month, and year of a date time value to a caller, and you can play back that value in a format appropriate for the current language selected for the flow.

Architect also offers gender support for languages by providing the ability to specify a masculine, feminine, or article case. For example, the number “one” in Spanish can be played back as “uno”, “una”, or “un”, depending on the article you select. For more information, see Grammatical gender in audio sequences.


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