About Genesys Bot Connector

Use Genesys Bot Connector to call your own bots in Architect message flows. Add up to five third-party bot integrations with the Genesys Bot Connector integration.


The Genesys Bot Connector configuration allows your third-party bots to interact conversationally with customers. Before you begin, work with a software engineer to develop a translation layer. This layer allows third-party bots to communicate with Genesys Cloud APIs. 

Use your bot in interaction flows

Use the Call Bot Connector action in Architect message flows. This action enables you to integrate the message flow with any bot source for processing before it returns intents and slots to Architect.

Work with quick replies in message interactions

Administrators set up quick replies in bot conversations. Quick replies are responses that customers can select as a reply during a message interaction. Quick replies allow for fast and structured responses, enabling you to offer simple, guided answers to direct messages by choosing from a list of options.