September 2022

September 28, 2022

Contact center

  • Cards for bot conversations
  • Carousels for bot conversations
  • Manually assign waiting interactions
  • Routing metrics added to Queue Agent Detail and Agents Queues Detail views
  • Interactions views fax column and filter
  • Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services text-to-speech (TTS) integration


  • Improved user activity indicators
  • Genesys Cloud subscription name updates


  • API default profile change for gamification metrics postponement
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September 21, 2022

Contact center

  • Single customer view powered by identity resolution available in select regions
  • Predictive Engagement outcome value configuration and reporting
  • Extended voice transcription services
  • Agent status widget improvements
  • Web messaging image copy and paste
  • Extend Bot Connecter PostUtterance response timeout


  • Process automation triggers
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September 14, 2022


  • Video chat participant notifications

Contact center

  • Introducing the Knowledge Performance dashboard
  • My Interactions view for agents
  • Genesys Messenger conversation auto-start
  • Audience size estimator for action maps in Predictive Engagement
  • Test regular expression slot types before implementation
  • Nuance Mix integration in Architect secure flows
  • Amazon Lex V2 bots in Architect secure flows
  • Google Cloud Dialogflow CX bots in Architect secure flows
  • Nuance TTS integration in Architect secure flows
  • Genesys Enhanced TTS in Architect secure flows
  • 988 Suicide Hotline number plan available with Genesys Cloud Voice
  • Genesys Messenger support for Portuguese
  • Intent miner French language support
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September 7, 2022


  • BYOC Cloud TLS X.509 certificate renewal

Contact center

  • Queue administration user interface improvements
  • Detected Topics gamification metric
  • Set Content Template action type added to digital rules for outbound digital campaigns


  • Google Fonts API usage change for GDPR compliance
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