Genesys Cloud - Version – January 15, 2021

Manual and auto-update availability

Genesys found a regression in Edge and Media Tier version for BYOC Premises deployments using third-party TTS.
  • Manual updates for all regions are available (since Friday, January 15, 2021), but only for deployments that do not use third-party TTS.
  • Auto-updates are cancelled for all deployments.
  • A new Edge and Media Tier version will be available soon for all deployments.

Enhancements and fixes

  • Resolved issue that occurs when multiple call forwarding numbers are configured for a user.
  • Resolved issue that occurs for various languages when an inbound call to an agent does not revert to playing the agent’s name using TTS if there is no custom agent prompt.
  • Resolved issue that occurs during a blind transfer when the outgoing call is progressing and the pending transfer fails when the outgoing call is connected.
  • Call analysis model updates for Japan (ja-JP).
  • Improved barge-in handling with third-party TTS providers.
  • Improvements for third-party TTS support.
  • Improved data and resource refreshes during autoscaling events.
  • Improved handling of slow asynchronous TCP connect operations.
  • Resolved issue preventing “all-site” statistics for outbound dialing calls to be collected properly.