Notifications API topic and open source project for WFM RTA integrations

The Notifications API contains a new topic (v2.users.{id}.activity) that combines presence, routing status, and queue membership data. An open source project that leverages the new API topic and provides a starting point for workforce management real-time adherence (WFM RTA) integrations is also available. For more information, see Notifications Available Topics in the Developer Center and Notification Relay in the GitHub MyPureCloud group.

Contact center

Architect Call.CurrentQueue built-in variable for in-queue call flows

Administrators and contact center managers can use the new, read-only Call.CurrentQueue variable in in-queue flows. This variable, when accessed at runtime, returns a value that flows can leverage to obtain more information about the queue in which the flow runs. For more information, see Architect built-in variables.

Global outbound campaign call settings

Outbound administrators can now configure outbound campaign call settings that apply to all campaigns in their organization. For more information, see Outbound settings


Store chat transcripts in Salesforce activity records

Administrators can synchronize interaction attributes to the Salesforce activity records on inbound and outbound interactions. This feature allows chat transcripts to be added to Salesforce activity records. For more information, see Synchronize interaction attributes with Salesforce activity records.