Genesys Cloud - September 20, 2017

Contact center

Secure call flows in Architect

Administrators and contact center managers can now create secure call flows that prevent access to sensitive information by masking audio paths and data capture, and halting system recording. Implementing secure call flows requires Professional Services assistance. For more information, see About secure call flows and About Professional Services. This feature requires Edge and Media Tier version or later.

Architect Exit and Next Loop actions for all call flow types

Administrators and contact center managers can now use the Next Loop and Exit Loop actions in all call flow types as well as inbound email flows. These actions provide execution control within the output of a Loop action by continuing immediately to the next loop iteration or by exiting the current loop. For more information, see Next Loop action and Exit Loop action

Automatic email responses

Administrators and contact center managers can use automatic email replies to let customers know their email was received. These predefined, automated replies establish immediate customer contact and help set expectations. For more information, see About canned responsesSend Auto Reply action, and Get Response action.

Substitutions for canned responses

Administrators and contact center managers can now personalize canned responses using substitutions (placeholders) for customer-specific values. Agents can use the personalized responses when they reply to customer interactions, ensuring more consistent communication. Administrators and contact center managers can also leverage the personalized responses within Architect flows to send automated email replies. For more information, see About substitutions and Use canned responses during agent interactions.

Bulk addition of queues to agents

Administrators can now add multiple queues to one or more agents in one action and copy queues from one agent to many. For more information, see Assign queues to an agent

Callbacks in reports and alerts

Supervisors can now view callback metrics as a new media type in existing reports. Supervisors can also create callback alerts. For more information, see About reports, views, and dashboards and About alert administration.

Workforce management schedule administration enhancements

The enhanced workforce management schedules view enables supervisors to view published schedules without editing capabilities, save a filter for a set of frequently used agents, and show only agents’ schedules modified since the last save. For more information, see Workforce management roles and permissions and Filter and sort parameters in a schedule.

Workforce management export enhancements

Expanded workforce management export capabilities enable supervisors to export time-off requests, export the list of agents in a management unit, and export a schedule in various formats. For more information, see Export time-off requestsManage agents in a management unit, and Export schedule information.


Custom client applications integration

Administrators can now create custom client application integrations to run third-party applications inside Genesys Cloud. Custom client application integrations are now available for eMite and nGUVU. Future integrations include Survey Dynamix, Pure Insights, Quick Data, and GM Voices. Third-party applications require additional licenses. For more information, see About Custom Client Application integrations.

Web services data actions integration

The new web services data actions integration enables administrators to create custom actions in Genesys Cloud to interface with JSON-based web services. If you currently use the web services data dip connector that runs on the Genesys Cloud bridge server, consider switching to this new integration that runs as a Genesys Cloud service. For more information, see About the web services data actions integration and Migrate interaction flows for the data actions integrations.