Contact center

Multi-monitor screen recording

Contact center managers and supervisors can now record up to four agent desktop screens during an ACD interaction. Since most contact center agents use more than a single monitor, this feature enhances managers’ ability to provide insight into agent interactions. Genesys Cloud records each monitor as an individual recording and preserves the monitor orientation. Managers can enlarge one of the recordings for a more focused view, while playing the additional recordings in a smaller side view. For more information, see Multi-monitor screen recording. 

Manually assign waiting interactions to agents using APIs

Developers can now manually assign waiting interactions to agents using the Routing and Conversation APIs. Interactions can remain stuck in a queue due to mismatched skills. This feature allows those interactions to be assigned to the appropriate agent. Enable a queue to support manual assignment using the Routing API and assign waiting interactions to an agent using the conversation ID. For more information, see Routing and Conversations in the Developer Center. 

Evaluation form question group weight changes

Quality administrators no longer have to balance question groups to 100% when creating evaluation forms. In addition, Genesys no longer auto-balances question group weights. These changes in scoring methodology make it easier for quality administrators to create evaluation forms that provide expected results and are straightforward to explain to evaluators and agents. For more information, see Evaluation form weights.