Authentication improvements

Users in non-HIPAA orgs are now automatically re-authenticated when their browsing session expires. For more information, see FAQ: Why do I have to re-enter my Genesys Cloud credentials?

Genesys Cloud training website

The Genesys Cloud training website offers engaging online courses and lessons to help Genesys Cloud users build a deeper understanding of the product, its functionality, and why things work the way they do. Log in to to get started. (Note: Login feature available in US region only. Other regions coming soon.)


IP network ping response on Edge appliances

Telephony administrators can now configure Edge appliances to respond to standard IP network pings for local connectivity monitoring. For more information, see Enable the ping response on the Edge. This feature requires Edge and Media Tier version or later.

Contact center

Architect flow authors can create call flows that let callers decide whether they want the call recorded. Administrators must configure the trunk that hosts the calls to allow line recording and to obtain customer consent before recording. For more information, see Enable Participant Recording action and Set the line recording in Create an external trunk.

Japanese, European Spanish, and US Spanish language support in Architect

System audio file support in Architect is now available for Japanese  Japan (ja-JP), Spanish – Spain (es-ES), and United States (es-US) for the Play Estimated Wait Time and Play Position In Queue actions and Collect Input verification. For more information, see Play Estimated Wait Time actionPlay Position in Queue action, and Collect Input data action.