Phone redundancy

Genesys Cloud now includes a phone redundancy feature to switch phones from a primary Edge to a secondary Edge if the phones lose their connection with the primary Edge. For more information, see Phone redundancy.

Contact center

Administrator control of recalls 

Outbound administrators can now have the system automatically redial phone numbers that resulted in certain call analysis results, such as Busy or No Answer. They can also decide how long the system waits between recall attempts. For more information, see How to limit contact attempts.

Campaign rule condition based on number of agents

Outbound administrators can now use the Campaign Agent Count rule condition to trigger campaign rules based on the number of active agents.  For more information, see Create campaign rules.

Campaign rule action for changing the dialing mode

Outbound administrators can now use the Set Campaign Dialing Mode rule action to trigger campaign rules to change the dialing mode used to place calls. For more information, see Create campaign rules.