Genesys Cloud Voice in Denmark

Genesys Cloud Voice, the 100% cloud-based solution using Genesys Telecom for phone service, is now available in Denmark. Services are provided out of the AWS EU (Ireland) region. For more information, see About Genesys Cloud Voice.

BYOC Cloud rate decrease

Usage fees for BYOC Cloud are now lower. Fees are down from $0.0025 to $0.0020. For more information, see BYOC Cloud pricing.

Contact center

Export data from Surveys views

Contact center managers can now export data to a .csv file from the Surveys Summary view and the Surveys Detail view. Managers can share the exported file with others in the contact center and use it to further analyze contact center performance. For more information, see Export view data.

Data action rule conditions

Outbound administrators can now set a data action to run as a rule condition on a pre-call or wrap-up rule. This feature enables a pre-call or wrap-up rule to evaluate response data from the Genesys Cloud Public API, Salesforce, Zendesk, or REST API endpoints. For more information, see Use a rule to evaluate information from a data action.