Contact center

Introducing Genesys Dialog Engine and Architect’s Call Dialog Engine Bot action for chat, SMS, and messaging flows

The Genesys Dialog Engine integration and Architect’s Call Dialog Engine Bot action are now available for English-language chat, SMS, and messaging flows. Administrators and contact center managers can use Genesys Dialog Engine to easily and quickly create bots, then use the Call Dialog Engine action with the bot to create and process the interaction according to bot configuration. The Architect flow starts a conversation with the user and, using the action, passes information to the Genesys Dialog Engine bot to understand the user’s intents and slots. This feature provides customers with automation and self-service, and ensures that the customer routes to the appropriate agent. For more information, see About botsGenesys Dialog Engine User Guide, and Call Genesys Dialog Engine Bot action.

Genesys Dialog Engine knowledge bots and knowledge bots in Architect flows

Administrators and contact center managers can now create knowledge bots in the Genesys Dialog Engine integration and then use them in Architect chat, SMS, and messaging flows. A Genesys Dialog Engine knowledge bot includes a set of predefined question and answer pairs or FAQs that the bot uses to more quickly provide responses to customer queries. This feature improves bot efficiency and enhances the customer experience. For more information, see Adding Knowledge to your botKnowledge BotsAdd a Dialog Engine Knowledge bot to an Architect flow, and Call Dialog Engine Bot action.

Genesys Dialog Engine pricing

Genesys Cloud 2 and Genesys Cloud 3 subscriptions now include access to Genesys Dialog Engine, Genesys’s native bot authoring tool. Charges for Dialog Engine are per each API request in a bot conversation when a user interacts with the bot. These API requests are equivalent to each dialog “turn,” or request and response pair, in the bot conversation. Existing customers can add Genesys Dialog Engine to their subscription from the Genesys Add Ons page. To learn about volume discounts, administrators should contact their Customer Success Manager or sales representative. For more information, see Genesys Dialog Engine pricing.

Amazon Lex integration in EU (Frankfurt) and EU (London) AWS regions

The Amazon Lex integration is now available in the EU (Frankfurt) and EU (London) AWS regions, in addition to US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), EU (Ireland), and Asia Pacific (Sydney). For more information, see About the Amazon Lex integration.

Last-used queue for outbound interactions

Genesys Cloud now remembers the last-used queue that an agent selected as part of an outbound On Behalf of Queue call, email, or message interaction. This feature eliminates the need for agents to repeat steps when responding on behalf of a queue. For more information, see Enable last-used queue for outbound interactions on behalf of a queue