Genesys Cloud - July 17, 2019


FCC USF contribution rate changes for Genesys Cloud Voice 

Genesys Cloud Voice customers will see an increase on invoices beginning in July 2019 and continuing through 2019 Q3. The increase is due to an FCC Universal Service Fund (USF) contribution factor increase of 5.6 percentage points (18.8% to 24.4%) for 2019 Q3. Because it is the largest increase in the USF program history, Genesys is communicating this increase to Genesys Cloud Voice customers. For more information, see Universal Service fact sheet and Historical USF contribution rate changes on the FCC website.

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Automatic time zone mapping overrides

Outbound administrators can now override the default dialing window set by automatic time zone mapping. This feature allows users to adhere to compliance regulations that prohibit calling outside the 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM (local time zone) default dialing window. This feature is available in the AWS US East region. For more information, see Outbound settings.