Contact center

Predictive Engagement event pricing

Genesys Cloud 2 and Genesys Cloud 3 subscriptions now include access to Predictive Engagement. As part of initial onboarding, the administrator deploys the Predictive Engagement web tracking snippet to the company’s website. This deployment starts the accrual of browsing events (typically a page view). Charges for Predictive Engagement events are per event. Existing customers should contact their Genesys Advisor or sales representative to add predictive engagement events to their subscription. For more information, see Predictive Engagement event pricing

Genesys Cloud views usability enhancements

Genesys has improved the dynamic views that display historical and real-time metrics for better usability and simpler navigation. These enhancements make it significantly easier for contact center managers and supervisors to access and view data. For more information, see Views in About reports, views, and dashboards.

Group voicemail flow outcome statistics in Flows Performance Summary view

Contact center managers and supervisors can now add a new flow outcome column to view statistics for group voicemail exits in the Flows Performance Summary View. For more information, see Flows Performance Summary view

Bulk activate multiple agents for a queue in Queues Agents Detail view

Contact center managers and supervisors can now bulk activate or deactivate multiple agents who are already members of a queue in the Queues Agents Detail View. For more information, see Queues Agents Detail view.

Export view data time value improvement

Contact center managers and supervisors can now convert time values in an exported file from the time zone set on their machine to a different time zone. For more information, see Export view data.