Restrict Genesys Cloud embedding security enhancement

Administrators can now choose the Restrict Genesys Cloud embedding option in Organization settings to prevent external websites from embedding an instance of their Genesys Cloud organization in an iframe. This feature combats “clickjacking,” a malicious technique that redirects a user to a website under the attacker’s control. For more information, see Manage Genesys Cloud embedding and Manage Genesys Cloud embedding in Genesys Cloud embedded clients.

Contact center

Dynamically referenced queues in Architect 

Administrators and contact center managers can now configure flows to dynamically select appropriate queues at runtime by sourcing data from a data action or a data lookup table. This feature enables organizations to personalize customer interactions by sending them to the right queue based on customer or interaction data. For more information, see Find Queue action. This feature requires Edge and Media Tier version or later.

DNIS-based analytics views

Contact center managers can now see statistics based on the DNIS that customers dial. These statistics appear in the DNIS Performance view and the DNIS Performance Detail view. Managers can use the views to analyze the DNIS-based interactions and to monitor performance across different queues. For more information, see DNIS Performance view and DNIS Performance Detail view.

Export data from DNIS performance views

Contact center managers can now export data to a CSV file from the DNIS Performance view and the DNIS Performance Detail view. Managers can share the exported file with others in the contact center and use it to further analyze contact center performance. For more information, see Export view data.