GDPR compliance update

Starting August 15, 2018, the Genesys Cloud GDPR API completes most search requests (GDPR_EXPORT) within two days. For more information about the GDPR and Genesys Cloud GDPR compliance support, see GDPR compliance and Genesys Cloud and GDPR compliance.

Contact center

Architect flow authoring enhancements

New Architect menu, state, and task editor enhancements enable administrators and contact center managers to access the toolbar from a specific menu or action, copy and paste actions between flows, quickly switch between tasks, and highlight actions found in a search result. These enhancements improve the ease and efficiency of the flow design process. For more information, see Work with Architect editing tools and Task and state editor overview.


Genesys Cloud for Firefox extension

A new Firefox-based extension includes an abbreviated Genesys Cloud feature set that agents can use to control interactions, receive screen pops, enable click-to-dial, and use the Genesys Cloud WebRTC phone. The extension features a minimal UI that agents can display alongside other web pages. For more information, see About the Genesys Cloud browser extensions.