Introducing BYOC (Bring Your Own Carrier)

BYOC is a new voice delivery option that gives Genesys Cloud customers the flexibility to design the best telephony connection for their business needs. With BYOC, administrators can define SIP Trunks between Genesys Cloud and third-party devices or services. Choose a cloud-based or premises-based solution and elect to use Genesys Cloud Voice, or maintain the existing relationship with another telephony provider. For more information, see About BYOC and Telephony connection options.

Contact center

Collapse and expand actions in Architect

Administrators and contact center managers can now collapse and expand actions within Architect’s task editor. This feature is helpful for hiding lengthy pieces of logic that can make a task difficult to navigate. For more information, see Task editor actions overview.

Transfer calls to queue permission

The ability to transfer calls directly to a queue is now available to Communicate users as well as Genesys Cloud 1, 2, and 3 users. The Routing > Queue > View permission enables users to search for queues within the transfer window and select a queue for transfer. For more information, see Transfer a call and Roles and permissions for authorized users.

Omnichannel interaction history for external contacts licensing

Omnichannel interaction history for external contacts licensing has changed. This feature is now available with a Genesys Cloud 2 license. For more information, see Find, view, and verify a contact’s profile.