New features and functionality

  • Introducing Genesys Cloud Voice! Genesys Cloud Voice provides telephony services to Communicate and Engage customers in a Cloud Deployment Model where Edge devices are managed in the Cloud.
    • Includes the ability to search for and purchase DID and Toll-Free Numbers for use with the Genesys Cloud application.
    • Refer to the About Genesys Cloud Voice article.

Contact center

New features and functionality

  • Agent utilization can now be configured. With this feature, organizations can now control the maximum number of interactions for each type routed to an agent. At the same time, this feature introduces a setting in which you can control what interaction type can be interrupted. See more details about this new functionality in the Configure agent utilization article.
  • Pre-call rule to dial a record in Preview Mode
    • This feature allows the use of a field in the contact list, a phone number, or a phone type as a condition to dial a record in Preview mode vs. the existing mode of the campaign dialing that record.preview mode
  • Caller ID (ANI) Enhancement
    • Users previously had the ability to pulse out Caller ID digits and also text (name). This enhancement separates these fields so that a record can set the Phone Number in the ANI and the campaign can set the Name. This allows different phone numbers to be used while broadcasting the same company name.caller id


Genesys Cloud for Salesforce

  • Call center settings moved from the call center definition to a separate configuration page. See one-time upgrade instructions to use this new configuration.